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Welcome to my horror books. Just click one of the links to be taken to where you can purchase that book. We also have a link now for E-Book versions of each book.





A Winter Journey


Sandy travels by coach through a snowy night with his work mates two weeks before Christmas. They travel from Dumfriesshire up through the Scottish Uplands’ passes towards Ayrshire. To while away they’re time they joke amongst themselves in a nightly ritual as the snow slowly clears to reveal the hills and mountains in all their wintertime splendour, which all go unnoticed by the tried and sleepy workers as they travel onwards into cold night, homeward bound.





ISBN: 978-1-4092-0540-1






Rights Owner: William Young



Copyright: © 2008 W. Young

Julie Elizabeth Powell, author of Gone said: “It's amazing how little a good writer needs to create an interesting story. With a cast of colourful characters, we are led on this snowy journey to a surprising end.”

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Banshee Angel of Judgement


She was the banshee who sought revenge against those she saw as guilty and deserving of imprisonment in her jar. She had called down the curse on those that sent her to her death, falsely accused of witchcraft. Now she looked for new souls to add to her collection of tortured spirits. At night she would go forth from her derelict cottage to hunt the unwary and now she had her sights set on another two victims to fill her with new power.

Publisher: Lulu


Copyright: © 2008 William Young


ISBN: 978-1-4092-3948-2


Edition: First


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In the book of Revelation it mentions a scroll with seven seals. What if this scroll was hidden on earth? When an old man dies in Liverpool his flat is emptied by Joe and his friends and a strange looking book comes into Joe’s keeping. Soon he finds what trouble comes with the book when he watches his friend Toby being tortured then killed before his eyes. A man he recently met rescues him from possibly the same fate. Soon he finds out the man that saved him is more than just a man and that those that are after him aren’t what they appear to be. Demons and Angels don’t really exist yet Joe now knows they do and the book mustn’t fall to the wrong side or it may spell the end of everything.



Copyright: © 2009 William Young
First Edition


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Banshee Fires of Revenge


Mandy returns to the Irvine Valley after more than thirty years absence. She has returned with a burning desire to bring an end to the visions that have haunted her dreams. To seek revenge not just for herself or her boyfriend and friends but her nephew who’s lives were cut short. She hopes her sister will help though is unsure if she will believe her tale of what has taken her loved ones from her.


Inspector Munroe has been told that there is nothing to investigate in the mysterious deaths at the old cottage in the wood. But the case still bothers him and the fact that this isn’t the first time that something untowards has taken place there. When he finds out that the only survivor from the last time is back in town he hopes that he might get a chance to speak with Mandy. But things soon take another turn.


Always on the detectives heels Alice works for the local newspaper and can smell more of a story in recent events. She has also learned of the local tales of the cottage though she will quickly learn that there are more than just myths to scare kids with living there.


Will Mandy’s sister help end the nightmare? Can Munroe learn more from the lone survivor? Will Alice get her story to make a name for herself?



Copyright: © 2011 William Young
ISBN: 978 1 4580 0259 4

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