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Poems by Billy

Baking Cake

“Don’t forget the raisins,”

mummy reminded

as we baked cake.



I do love cake;

my favourite is



But I like raisin cake too

and fruit cake,

upside down cake.


Mummy says

she loves any cake,

I don’t think I’ve tried that

though when mum get some





Christmas Shop


Off we went to

Santa’s grotto

in the city.


Snow covered the ground;

lights sparkled;

the air was magic.


The streets were crowded,

shops too

with everyone rushing.


At last we found our way

through the bustle

to where we had to go.


The elves were there

though Rudolph wasn’t;

I’d wanted to see his big red nose.


There was a long,

long queue

and we waited forever.


I thought

we’d never see Santa.

But finally we did.


His belly was big

his beard white;

on his knee I got sat.


He asked me what I wanted

And I told him

a Wii.


He ho-ho-hoed then said,

if I was good

he’d see what he could do.


An elf took my photo

for mummy to keep;

dad paid with a grumble.


After we shopped for presents,

which I found strange

as Santa brings mine.


Mum helped me pick dad’s

then gave the man a card,

while daddy got mummy’s.


After Micky D’s

filled our bellies

till I almost burst.


On the way home

I drew on steamy windows

before sliding fast asleep.


Family Pictures


The ground

is down here

the sky up there;

the sun shines yellow

from this corner.


This is daddy,

the stick man with the bald head

whilst mummy stands next to him

in a bright dress.


This is me

with my best friend

playing skipping ropes

under the big tree.


Here is my big sister

chasing my friend’s dog Charlie,

who has only got

three legs,

with a hose.


Behind mum and dad

is our house

and looking out the window

grandma keeps an eye.


Granddad is wearing his hat

as he cut the front grass.

Now I have everybody

in my drawing.


Oh but I forgot,

where’s nana

and papa Jenkins?

Of course they

don’t stay with us.


So I’ll just have to

do another picture

of when we visit

their house.

24/7 Fun?


Late at night

the buzzing cell

cried to be ignored

till days light exposed the snake’s bite.


The webs vastness made small

as spectres haunted through fb

spreading lies too easily believed;

coded threats by anom.


Mum’s wisdom to ignore

“sticks and stones,”

the thoughts behind

hidden in babble.


Dad’s “always fight back

don’t lie down,”

opened a gulf between,

now I see the anger

wasn’t for me.


My friends’

stood aside

watching the pain

offering little but words unheard,

hands unseen.


With every retreat

the distances grew

till loneliness consumed,

smothered in darkness

I could be no more.


Only in the last moments

the crystal light of family,

remembered joy in friends’,

did I see.


So I left

loved ones weeping

asking why,

yet never knowing;

filled with my regrets.


All for someone else’s







Poems by Billy
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