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Billy Young is a father of two children, Tammy his daughter born in Febuary 24th 1997 and Calum his son born November 1st 1994. He has worked in many fields throughout his life as well as spent many years trying to find work. Writing has always been a part of his life from an early age but only published his first children's book Teddy the Bear in 2007. Originally a story written for his son to scare away the monsters under the bed. He has been with his partner Margaret or Magz as he calls her, since 1993.

He has stay most of his life in Scotland where he was born in June 8th 1967 though he did live in Liverpool for four year during the late 1980's. Of all the job he has done throughout his life he said that the one he enjoyed most apart from writing was working at a local theme park where he was often known to make up stories to entertain the customers.

By the way that's him in the middle of the picture. No not that handsome monkey that's me Taz, Billy is behind me.

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