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Other Authors' Links

Childrens Authors

Margaret and Steven Larson have written some books kids should love as well as adults and whats more you can download them for free, so check them out here: The Larson's

Looking for an illustrator check out Elizabeth Martin

This writer has produced a book that should appeal to both younger readers as well as us grown ups: Phil Whitley

Non-Fiction Authors

Want to fix slot machines check out this writers site: Jeremy Benetti

Want to learn about a heros check this site out: Ann Joiner

Long term illness is something we don't think of until it befalls us, as with this next  author: A Crooker

This next author has written both fiction and non-fiction so I hope he doesn't mind me putting him here: Abe March

Local history from Cincinnati: Allen J. Singer

Going to do some fishing, this might be for you: Frank P. Baron


Will Goddard is an young new author that is set to make a name as a writer of heart racing books, so check out his site: Will Goddard


This next author writes in several genres but I like the look of her horror so that is why she is here rather than in the General Fiction section. So have a nose even if horror isn't your thing at: Merri Hiatt

Some spook short tale to be found on this site: Andrea Allison

Scifi Authors

Malcolm R. Campbell has writen a great book by the name The Sun Singer. Here's a link to his site: Malcolm R. Campbell

Greg Saunders can be found at his site Unknown Country

Samantha Foster has a great site LeLue

Sierra Rose has an interesting collection that you may wish to check out here Sierra Rose Books

A blend of romance and scifi from our next author: C.E. Barrett

And if you wish for more of that kind of thing: Veinglory

This next author described their work to me as Fantasy the a large dollop of romance. It sounds interesting, check it out here: Samhain Publishing

Crime Authors

Don't Touch by Elise Vancise.

Dr Ryan Reign has unlocked a gift she calls a curse. Detective Jackson Prince and his partner need her help to stop a serial killer before he kills again. One problem Dr. Reign can't touch or be touched. Can the hard as nails cop Jackson find a way to touch her heart without touching her skin in order to stop the bloodshed?

Why not check out Elise's other books just click her name below to go to her site:

Elise Vancise

Here's another crime authors website Leslie J Stirling: James Stirling

Keith Sykes has a good site here Keith Sykes

Steve Mansfield-Devine has got a book that looks interesting Lady Caine

Daniel Tuffin's site is straight to the point, here Daniel Tuffin

Dangerous neighbours anyone then check out this author:Gina Collia-Suzuki

Romance Authors

David Hatton has a great site here: David Hatton

Scott Sequoia writes in several genres but has a Romance that may interest you check him out here: Scott Sequoia

Rhett DeVane has built up a bit of a following for her Southern Romance: Rhett DeVane

Like a little adventure with your romance, check out: D K Christi

Don't get too swept away with this next writer: Victoria Howard

With only a books under her belt Linda King is building up her following.

If you like a little bit of the paranormal mixed in with your love story: Margaret West

Historical Fiction

This author has had qite an interesting life which show through her writing: Carol A Troestler

Richard Stanbery has written some interesting books that may interest you: R Stanbery

General Fiction Authors

Here is where you might find Julie Elizabeth Powell's books: Julie E. Powell

Tonya Moore has a great site with more links for you to check out: Tonya More

I found this author hard to place so I put him here as he seems to cross genres: L Robinson

Shelagh Watkins also seems to like to write in more than one genre. I suppose it helps keep us fresh. Check her out here: S Watkins

This next author seems to like to mix a lot into his tales from the past, romance, adventure, and what ever else he can find to build a great tale to keep you reading: D J Stephens

E D Harpe is another author that likes to write in more than one genre, so there's more chance there is something for everyone: E D Harpe

Maria Savva has released an interesting looking book and you can check it out at her site: Maria Savva

Colin Knibb writes many things and you can find him here: Colin Knibb

Ken Anderson has an interesting site you may like: KenandGlen


Are you into poetry well here is some that may take you fancy: Crash Boom Girl


Want to know about the history of Florida: Beyond Tourism: Florida's Yesteryear

And this one is from a group of ladies: Erma's Army

Other Contacts

This is a great resource for the aspiring writer Absolute Write

Here is a site for readers as well as authors to get together, here's my page Goodreads

Thinking of publishing that book you wrote then check out

Here's one for writers as you can make a post and it gives you a link to your website: YouShouldReadMore

DeadMansTome Is an online magazine.

Some fun now with a fake news site: The Zebra Rag

With all this reading you'll want a little music: The Cruel Shoes

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